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Game Key Art

Studio Key Art



Studio Information

Studio Name: Neorj
Studio Location: Worldwide
Game Title: Neorj
Game Website:
Press Contact:
Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

Game Description

Neorj is a 3D adventure based platformer game where you’ll get to play a courageous girl named Heli along with her loyal dragon companion. While on this grand adventure, you’ll get to travel between mysterious worlds-enjoying a variety of locations, solve puzzles, improve magical abilities and discover the hidden potential of each world.
Playing inside the Neorj universe, everyone can feel involved in the ultimate goal - saving a mysterious beautiful world that is on the verge of extinction.
During combat Helis dragon will use attack spells, while Heli uses defensive spells along with the ability to summon additional combat creatures to her side. One of her fighting creatures will be a bear toy, turning into a ferocious bear. As you journey on, the player will find other toys and meet new characters, which will help shed light on many mysteries of the mystical world, including the birth of Heli.

Key Gameplay Features

Project History

Our team is developing the project Neorj for 2 years. The team has experience in producing video games to make a beautiful and magical platformer. Developing 20+ creatures, 6+ of the worlds, 150+ concepts and need support on Kickstarter to fully launch the game in 2018

Team Member Bios

Sizykh Eugene is a game designer / level designer / 3d artist and ideological creator of the world Neorj. It is he who creates all the visual materials for the project.
Kirill Molchanov is a programmer game logic and code.
Alexandra Hodjayan is a Concept artist
Yolkina Irina is a Concept artist. Illustrator.
Yuri Podchasha is a artist interfaces, Ui/Ux
Paweł Perepełicza is a composer, sound producer and producer
Anastasia Chevdaeva is a literary editor, author of scientific works.